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AI Roots supporting Groke Technologies

Groke Technologies is a company focused on multi-sensor-based and intelligent voyage advisory systems, supporting all stakeholders involved in vessel operation. Groke has a highly data-intensive...

AI Roots supporting Barona data journey

Barona, the leading private employment agency in Finland, and AI Roots first started their cooperation 1,5 years ago. The Barona data journey kicked off with refreshing Barona data vision and...

Becoming an entrepreneur in the data industry

The ways of working are going through a shift, and freelancing has become an appealing alternative for increasingly many people. The benefits of self-employment are numerous and undisputed: According...

Yrittäjyys data-alalla

Dataosaajien markkina on tällä hetkellä ylikuumentuneessa tilassa. Tilanne pakottaa yritykset miettimään uusia tapoja osaamisen katvealueiden  täyttämiseen. Datakehitykseltä haetaan joustavuutta eli...

Introducing data design

Design Thinking methods can be used to find the underlying motivations, feelings and core needs of the user, innovating new solutions and optimizing the overall user experience. Design Thinking...

Scenario planning during crisis

Markus Ansamaa, an entrepreneur and a data strategist and Ari Rantanen, a partner of AI Roots, shared their thoughts on utilizing data and scenario analysis during the time of exceptional crisis.