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How to support gender diversity in data and AI industry

This November we conducted a small survey for women working in the data industry to better understand how the industry is perceived by women professionals, how issues of diversity come across, and in...

Meira Nova renewed its analytics with the support of AI Roots

Meira Nova is one of the leading foodservice operators in Finland delivering food and restaurant commodities for S-group restaurants as well as external clients, including catering kitchens,...
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AI Roots supporting Groke Technologies

Groke Technologies is a company focused on multi-sensor-based and intelligent voyage advisory systems, supporting all stakeholders involved in vessel operation. Groke has a highly data-intensive...

AI Roots supporting Barona data journey

Barona, the leading private employment agency in Finland, and AI Roots first started their cooperation 1,5 years ago. The Barona data journey kicked off with refreshing Barona data vision and...