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AI Roots’ mission is to match the best and most suitable data and AI professionals and companies aiming to become more data-oriented or ramp up their existing competencies. We have had the privilege to work with inspiring companies from various fields and support them in their data journey.

Whether it’s about specific projects, longer-term resourcing requirements, or employee training, we make sure that data and analytics become integrated into the daily work on all levels of the organization.


Customer stories

We are happy to have worked with customers with different needs, organizational structures, and data maturities, all willing to harness the power of data and analytics in their business. Read more about our cooperation with Barona, Groke Technologies, Konecranes, and Sanoma Media Finland.


Barona is the leading private employment agency in Finland. Barona solves the challenge of finding the right employees with new and creative methods. AI Roots has supported Barona’s data journey in ramping and extending the data team with skilled data engineers, clarified their data strategy and helping Barona to become a pioneer in utilizing work-life data.

"AI Roots’ process comprehends both the strategy work and the execution. They not only draw us a fine data vision and leave us alone with that but help us to carry things through. That is something we highly appreciate.”

-Jussi Ropo, Barona's CFO

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Groke Technologies

Groke Technologies is building multi-sensor-based intelligent voyage advisory systems, supporting all stakeholders involved in vessel operation. Already a data and AI-intensive company, Groke Technologies aimed to ramp up their competence with the help of strategic partners. AI Roots helped Groke Technologies to build a strong internal data team and delivered them a role of Data Science Lead, who has had a central role in the process.

"I value that people at AI Roots understand the start-up world and have done things on a big scale, but also very practically. Our external employee from AI Roots is an extremely tough expert. I never would have found anyone like him myself. Whenever there are new ideas regarding ML or AI, I usually discuss with AI Roots first. Then you know the level of expertise is there from the beginning"

Juha Rokka, CEO of Groke Technologies


Konecranes is a world-leading group of lifting-businessesTM, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports, and terminals. Even though having high technical competence, Konecranes had the challenge of how to build collaboration models between data science and the business. As a solution, AI Roots organized a training program involving data scientists and business stakeholders on how to utilize data in business and work together to create more impactful solutions. AI Roots has also had an essential role in overseeing the formation of Konecranes’ Data Design process.

“With the help of AI Roots we were able to provide practical tools for our data scientists to improve their ability to identify business targets and end user needs in the early phases of the project. This skillset is usually outside of the traditional data science toolbox. Therefore, this was a very easily adopted approach to enhance the outcome data development projects and thus very valuable for our team."

Olli-Pekka Nieminen

Sanoma Media Finland

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company whose content reaches most Finns every day. During our collaboration AI Roots has helped to scale up Sanoma’s well-established data team and provided Sanoma professionals, including a web analyst and Power BI developer. In line with Sanoma’s data team culture, the external experts have become equal members of the in-house team, providing Sanoma the critical skills and expertise needed in different situations. AI Roots been also supporting Sanoma in developing company-wide Data Governance practices.

"AI Roots has offered us an easy access to the best data freelancers, with the right skillset and wide expertise from the media industry. The freelancers have integrated to our team seamlessly and have been valued co-workers for our internal team members. With AI Roots we have been able to lift up capabilities in conversion optimization, data visualization and data governace, to name a few"

Mikko Eskola CDO of Sanoma


We help you in two ways: by assembling a dream team of data specialists to help you out with a specific project, and by helping you scale your own team flexibly with the talents you need.

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What our customers say:

"With the help of AI Roots, we could be confident that the project is proceeding as planned and we can drive the good governance practices forward in the most natural way for the organization.”

“AI Roots team of top-notch experts delivered a clear boost to the ramp-up of our modern data and analytics capabilities. The delivered target architecture forms a solid basis for the transformation journey of our services.”

"Strategy sprint with AI Roots helped us to clarify our priorities and critical areas of improvement in our data and analytics work. We also value the advisory AI Roots continued to provide during the execution of roadmap co-designed during the strategy sprint."




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