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By Ari Rantanen
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Employment as we know it is in the middle of a great disruption. It is expected that by 2030, 50% of US employees will be self-employed, and the same direction is foreseeable in Europe.  Employees everywhere are looking for new, more flexible and independent ways to work. At the same time, both start-ups & corporates are building their resourcing strategies  around partnerships and networks. Covid pandemic has greatly relaxed the location and time constrains related to the work and further enabled the use of partnerships in resourcing. But while people are looking for more independent ways of employment, they still want to belong to professional networks and professional communities. This is the premise that AI Roots is built on. 

Transforming data consulting

Our core mission is to transform the data and AI consulting and resourcing. We want to provide an effective and flexible way for hiring data professionals. We offer high-quality AI and data development services to our customers, taking into account the maturity, unique business needs and the competence building strategy of the customer. At the same time, we want to support freelancers and small consulting companies to get employed, succeed, and grow.

AI Roots was not founded only to find right talent to match the identified customer need. We are here to solve our customers’ business problems in efficient and sustainable way. AI Roots has built a strong and committed partner team that will dive into the customer’s business to discover and asses the opportunities to create true business impact with data and AI. The close collaboration between the customer, AI Roots partners and data professionals from our network ensures that we will not only “do things right” but also “do the right things” to solve customer business problems and to realize previously untapped opportunities.


Partnering with top talent

Even for an experienced independent data professional it can be hard to find inspiring  clients or projects. There are also other challenges, such as not being able to accept interesting larger scale projects that require variety of competences for a successful delivery. Taking care of the sales, marketing, personal development and brand building can be overwhelming for an entrepreneur. And sometimes you will just need a sparring partner to discuss about professional – or extraprofessional – topics.

 AI Roots can help both independent data freelancers and small businesses to overcome these challenges by working actively with customers to identify project opportunities and by collaborating with the network to find the optimal means to respond to customer needs by combining the expertise in the network to a high performing team. We also help entrepreneurs to get more visibility with joint marketing efforts, organize networking events for data professionals to exchange ideas and more.


Collaboration with Veracell

One of the top AI growth companies we have had a privilege to collaborate with is Veracell. They deliver cutting-edge, production grade data and AI driven solutions and no-nonsense consulting to customers who strive to empower themselves with the improved use of data. Veracell seniors  are multitalents with a great variety of AI, software development and business advisory expertise. Project experience of Veracell people stretches over a multitude of business and technology domains, including IoT, healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, eCommerce, distributed computing platforms, and forensics.

Timo Erkkilä, CEO of Veracell, shares our positive experiences on the collaboration:

"Veracell operates with a minimal sales team and we see us as an ideal partner to AI Roots in extending their own business capabilities and providing scalable solutions for their customers. We rely on AI Roots expertise and leadership in both finding the right type of clients and to managing project expectations. In addition, AI Roots supports us in managing the planning and execution phases. The two companies compliment each other well in joint workshops and client cases."

By having companies like Veracell in our network we feel very confident in attacking even the hardest of challenges to provide sustainable business value by innovative use of data and AI, from AI strategy and roadmaping to the implementation of cutting-edge AI services.

Do you have a business problem that can be solved by utilizing data and AI? Or are you a data entrepeneur interested in joining AI Roots network? Please let us know!

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