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Azure, ERP

We are looking for an experienced Data Concept Lead who can assess business needs and design solutions to meet these needs.




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Our client has an Azure data platform where data from dozens of Oracle ERP systems has been integrated. The role we are currently hiring for involves mapping out business needs and use cases, specifying them, facilitating workshops, and supporting prioritization related to the utilization of this ERP data. Additionally, you would be responsible for creating project plans for these development projects and handing them over for implementation by the technical team. Within the technical team, there is a separate Data Engineer Lead responsible for the technical planning of development projects and leading the development itself.

In addition, the role is expected to continuously communicate the progress and results of the development to the business.

We require the expert we are looking for to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work on challenging projects.

The preferred allocation is 100%, but a 60-80% allocation is also acceptable.

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