Data Engineer Lead

Azure, Databricks, Synapse, ERP

Our client is looking for a Data Engineer Lead to serve as the technical lead for their team, responsible for technical planning of data development and leading a near-shore data engineering team. The project involves integrating and harmonizing ERP data onto Azure's data platform.




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This role requires very strong expertise in technical planning for data development, with a focus on Azure components, Databricks, and Synapse technologies. ERP data will be sourced from dozens of Oracle systems, and the client is a large manufacturing company.

The role's responsibilities include creating detailed technical plans for meeting the business's needs, including interfaces, integrations, data models, and presentation layers. Implementation will be handled by the client's near-shore team, so this role will work closely between this near-shore team and the business stakeholders.

In addition to technical expertise, excellent communication skills, initiative, and the ability to drive the project forward even in challenging situations are required.

Full allocation is preferred, but a 60-80% allocation is also acceptable.

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