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The challenge of creating sustainable value from data

We know that 85% of the data investments do not build value for companies. There might be issues with the data quality, architecture or engineering practices. Most often the challenge is also that data is considered as an IT investment, not a capability that will transform the way the entire business operates. There is no doubt that the ability to use data and artificial intelligence solutions effectively will create a competitive advantage for companies in many industries in the future. However, it will require commitment from the whole organization to the data-driven transformation, including changes to competencies, roles, processes and company cultures. Modern cloud-based technologies make it easier and faster for any company to succeed in this transformation, but the key to success is how these technologies are being used.


Succeeding in data driven transformation

We as the founding team of AI Roots have extensive experience from companies building data capabilities. We have supported different kind of companies in their data transformation journey as consultants or from leading positions. During the past years, we have found out that finding, integrating and retaining the right data talent is one of the most important but also the most difficult tasks in this transformation. Building a winning data team is different from traditional IT resourcing. The utilization of data has become a critical driver for success in virtually every business. The responsibility of monetizing the data opportunity can’t be outsourced or acquired as a traditional technology competence. Data needs to treated as a core business capability.

We believe in demystification of AI and democratization of data. We want to see AI treated as a modern, natural and understandable way of reaching business goals, developing products or making processes more effective.  We make sure that our customers are the ones who will build long term, sustainable, business value from their data and AI solutions. We support our customers in their data transformation journey, help them to grow their roots of AI stronger and build a winning data team.


Helping companies and data professionals find each other

Large share of the most experienced business and data developers are today working as freelancers and this trend is growing remarkably. We help this talent to meet customers who want to find a way to scale up their data teams flexibly. We help data professionals network and connect with the right customers and projects to support their personal growth.

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Iiris Lahti

Founding partner of AI Roots

I am a data enthusiast with background in consulting and data driven transformations, most recently in the media industry. I am specialized in driving the utilization of data, design thinking and lean agile methods in digital product development, sales & marketing.  I have a passion for helping people find their strengths and roles where they can excel and grow.

Ari Rantanen

Founding partner of AI Roots

My passion lies at the cross section of artificial intelligence & data science, data driven process development & deployment, BI and leadership. Based on my experience, a successful data-driven business transformation requires that all these domains are developed in sync. And the successful business transformation is a goal that makes me tick. 

Teemu Birkstedt

Entrepreneur and founding partner of AI Roots

I have extensive experience in transforming companies globally within different industries (media, consumer electronics, retail, telecommunications, energy and banking). I have helped various management teams lead the change towards a data and analytics driven company. I have a broad strategic, technical, architectural and conceptual understanding of data as a core business capability. 


Henri Engström

Partner of AI Roots and entrepreneur of Avara Partners

I am a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with international experience in manufacturing, energy, utilities and logistics industries. I have been leading and coaching teams and projects in various phases of their data driven transformation journey. My strengths are in evaluating and developing services, products, business models and strategies by using data capabilities and ecosystem platforms. I have experience in building winning teams and competencies for driving a successful and data-driven business. 

Manne Laukkanen

Entrepreneur, Datasommelier

I have over 20 years of experience in data-specialized IT and close to a decade on several Big Data stacks. My background is in consulting and implementing data analytics stack transformations of global/international corporations from extractions, transformations and storage to data quality and analytics (business rules and Machine Learning) to reporting layers; from onsite to cloud.
I have a scientific background in statistical profiling (PhD).

Petri Mertanen

Entrepreneur, Markkinointi Mertanen

I am an analytics consultant and coach with background in marketing and leadership & management. I am keen on creating the data driven culture in different kind of organizations. I have strong hands on experience and knowledge of Google Marketing Platform tools as other analytics systems as well. I have a passion of measuring marketing actions with right kind of methods and using advanced modelling & machine learning.

Robert Siipola

Entrepreneur, Three Point Consulting

I’m a consultant with experience as a Data Scientist and as a Software Developer. My skills range from building digital products and services to analysing the data gathered from them.  I mainly program with Python, have worked with Javascript and I’m comfortable working on business strategy and new product development.

Matti Remes

Entrepreneur, Kaidan Oy

I am a software developer specializing in development and design of data-intensive backend applications and data science tooling. My experience includes instrumentation of the application code for data collection, developing data pipelines and services, and providing data scientists with tools for accessing data programmatically and/or graphically. I also have good knowledge of many database engines and the best practices of handling big data.

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