We help you in every phase of your data-driven transformation

Based on your needs we find the right experts to help you scale up your data capabilities and maximize the value of your data assets. By hiring a data professional working as a freelancer on in a small company, you support entrepreneurs and get a dedicated, highly skilled and self-driven professional working for your team. 


Where do you need help?

We have a wide variety of data professionals in our network, including data scientists, architects, engineers, analysts and strategists. We collaborate with our customers in both hiring a specialist and delivering data projects.

If you are a analytics team manager, Chieft Data or Technology Officer, please reach out to us if you are looking for a flexible way of scaling up your analytics team. If you are a manager of a business funtion, such as sales, marketing, supply chain, production, finance, HR or innovation, we can also help you to understand how data and AI can help you succeed, test new ideas and improve the overall data competencies and utilization level in your organization.

Expand your team with a specialist

If you are not ready to hire a new specialist or find it difficult to find one, we help you expand your team through offering specialists from our network for both short- and long-term collaborations. 

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Clarify your data strategy

We help you recognize opportunities and create a clear vision for your data usage. Together we build a strategy to take you to your goals and implement the plan into your daily work.

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Renew data architecture

We help you get a better understanding of your current data architecture and build a vision of the ideal design for your business. We find the right professionals to help you renew the architecture and make it meet your business needs.

Experiment and productize AI solutions

Our experts help you analyze your existing machine learning operations, improve current processes, and develop new ones. We implement a lead use case and train your data science team to succeed in their daily work.

Develop data and analytics tools

We help you to develop your data and analytics tools, such as data visualization. Good dashboards are key in using data successfully. Our specialists help you visualize your data resources so that everyone in your organization can base their decision making on clearly and meaningfully presented data.

Develop data competencies

With our help, you can deepen your understanding of data and your capabilities to use it in your daily work. Our specialists train data professionals, teams and leaders to make better use of data, turning it into a core capability of the organization.

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Improve data quality & governance

We help you structure your data flows and build data platforms that make even large amounts of data manageable. We help you connect data from different sources and make it accessible for everyone in your organization.

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We help you in two ways: by assembling a dream team of data specialists to help you out with a specific project, and by helping you scale your own team flexibly with the talents you need.

We always strive to create long-term value for our customers. By helping them with specific projects but also offering longer-term resourcing services and employee training, we can make sure that data and analytics become integrated into the daily work on all levels of the organization.

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"Exceptional expertise in the field of data!"

"Collaboration with AI Roots team was one of the highlights of the year 2020"

"Thank you for your devotion in helping our company succeed and finding us the right talent"



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