We help you in every phase of your data-driven transformation

Based on your needs we find the right experts to help you scale up your data capabilities and maximize the value of your data assets. By hiring a data professional working as a freelancer on in a small company, you support entrepreneurs and get a dedicated, highly skilled and self-driven professional working for your team. 


Where do you need help?

We have a wide variety of data professionals in our network, including data scientists, architects, engineers, analysts and strategists. We collaborate with our customers in both hiring a specialist and delivering data projects.

If you are an analytics team manager, Chief Data or Technology Officer, please reach out to us if you are looking for a flexible way of scaling up your analytics team. If you are a manager of a business function, such as sales, marketing, supply chain, production, finance, HR or innovation, we can also help you to understand how data and AI can help you succeed, test new ideas and improve the overall data competencies and utilization level in your organization.

Expand your team with a specialist

If you are not ready to hire a new specialist or find it difficult to find one, we help you expand your team through offering specialists from our network for both short- and long-term collaborations. 

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Data/ML Engineers

We provide skillful Data and Machine Learning Engineers with the capabilities to develop data pipes from source systems to utilizing data and productization of ML solutions. We master a wide range of technologies: AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, Data Vault, Kafka, Lambda, Databricks, Python, and Spark.

Data Architects

The AI Roots Data Architects help our customers to design an optimized data architecture for every situation and requirement. Our network covers all cloud platforms and architects mastering different toolsets, e.g. Microsoft MVP.

Data Scientists

Our network covers a wide range of data scientists with methodological expertise in the development of e.g., machine vision, deep learning, NLP, and other machine learning solutions. We also have partnerships with companies that have productized learning algorithms.

Business Intelligence

We provide skillful BI developers, who can implement easy-to-use data user interfaces, gather requirements for new development projects, innovate new ways to utilize data, and productize already piloted solutions.

Data Governance

In the AI Roots network, we have the top data experts and developers with the competence to design and implement the framework and tools for efficient data and quality management. We provide services all the way from status mapping to interim role assignment.

Read more about data governance 3.0 in our blog.


We also provide teams of data professionals to develop new data platforms and govern data solutions. We optimize their skillset to suit the technologies our customers use.



Our customers

We always strive to create long-term value for our customers. We seek the best-suited professionals for our customers, whether they need expertise in specific projects, longer-term resourcing, or even building a DataOps team.

We have worked with customers from various fields and companies with different requirements and data maturities. Our clientele includes companies such as Barona, Groke Technologies, Konecranes, and Sanoma Media.

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Our network

Our network covers the best freelancers and entrepreneurs from the fields of data and AI, including data scientists, architects, and engineers, to analysts, business intelligence developers, and strategists. We also work together with small consulting firms.

We constantly keep in touch with our network and make sure our experts are up to date regarding the latest themes in data and analytics. We for example organize events and mentoring sessions.

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Said about us

"AI Roots has offered us an easy access to the best data freelancers, with the right skillset and wide expertise from the media industry. The freelancers have integrated to our team seamlessly and have been valued co-workers for our internal team members. With AI Roots we have been able to lift up capabilities in conversion optimization, data visualization and data governance, to name a few"

"Our external employee from AI Roots is an extremely tough expert. I never would have found anyone like him myself"

"Exceptional expertise in the field of data!"

"Thank you for your devotion in helping our company succeed and finding us the right talent"




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