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challenges in data driven transformation

Data is a key competitive advantage in many industries. For your industry it might be the source for better customer understanding or a possibility to automate manual processes and become more effective. You might have found a way of monetizing and productizing your data or you might be suffering from poor data quality or not having enough data to support your use cases. You might have also heard the saying "the data has no value unless it is used". You have probably learned that creating sustainable business value from data will require more than implementing new data tools or moving your data environment to cloud. There needs to be a clear understanding of the data use cases and how to best utilize the modern technologies and competencies. The business needs to take ownership in making the data-driven transformation happen. Taking data or advanced AI solutions into use will require change to roles, competencies, processes and organizational structures. 


How we can help you

We at AI Roots are here to help you find the right talent to support you in this journey. We believe that many of the data transformation challenges described above can be solved by having the right people in the rights place, at the right time. As many industries are on this journey right now, finding the right people to your data team might be hard. Retaining a strong internal team requires investment to the team's continuous development and competencies. Technology development is so fast that no team can afford to be left behind. You might be also searching for a flexible solution for scaling up your team or having challenges in recruiting. 

We at AI Roots offer you a solution that enables you to build a winning data team inside your business without making a compromise. Many of the best data professionals today are working as freelancers, with an exceptional drive and wide variety of skills to support your company to do this. They are self-driven, motivated and want to see the data in action, helping your company to succeed. At this point it might have been hard to find the best freelancers or your purchasing strategy might not bet supporting this. This is where we step in. We help you to identify the talent you need to success in this journey and connect you with the right professionals. It is not about outsourcing your core competence, but helping you to scale up your data team and capabilities flexibly, generate sustainable business value from data and grow strong roots for your future AI solutions. 

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Why collaborate with us

Find the right data talent that...
  • Is easy to find, recruit and onboard
  • Fits and integrates to your data team practices and daily work
  • Is committed to helping you to gain sustainable business value from data
  • Is supported by a network of experienced data professionals and leading experts to ensure the delivery quality
Data & AI Strategy implementation
  • Create or update data and AI strategy
  • Create a concrete implementation roadmap for data and AI strategy
  • Identify strategic competencies and create plan for development
  • Identify new business and market opportunities for data utilization
Data Design & AI Innovations

Implement user-centric design methods to your data development work

Utilize design thinking to innovate, test and explore new data solutions

Improve the usability and effectiveness of existing data solutions

Talent Aquisition & Competence development
  • Acquire the best data talent to scale up your team flexibly
  • Develop your internal data team competencies with the help of specialized freelancers
  • Offer opportunity for your team to gain experiences in a part-time project outside your company
  • Build a training program for your team or organization for increasing your maturity in building or utilizing data and AI solutions
Machine Learning Development & Operations
  • Ramp up or scale your data science team
  • Get new ideas for testing and implementing algorithms into your business use cases
  • Improve capability to productize, maintain and continuously optimize AI solutions in collaboration with development teams
  • Get help for optimizing the data science toolkit and practices
Data Tools & Architecture
  • Find ways of getting more benefit out from the current data architecture
  • Identify needs for developing the architecture and tools
  • Get support for better technology utilization
  • Find new ways for resourcing data engineering work
Data Quality & Governance

Clarify data ownership, responsibilities and practices in your organization

Improve data quality management tools and workflows

Evaluate and explore data catalogue and metadata management tools



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