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From experts for experts

The idea of founding AI Roots was born in 2019 when our co-founder Teemu Birkstedt was working on data and artificial intelligence development projects with Finland's largest companies. Teemu noticed that companies struggled to connect their data investments to their strategy and daily operations, and the results were not translating into real business value. At the same time, Teemu observed that many of the most skilled entrepreneurs in the data field were not able to participate in the biggest and most interesting data projects.

The idea of a new concept emerged, which would seamlessly bring together entrepreneurs and large companies, while enabling flexible scaling of teams for big corporations, while also providing more diverse opportunities for data entrepreneurs. We believe that the right data expertise and resourcing are key factors in harnessing data for genuine business benefits.

Now, three years after its founding, we can confidently say that AI Roots has developed a unique concept that brings together data entrepreneurs and companies, providing our customers with access to the extensive experience and expertise within our entrepreneur network, along with the ability to deliver results. For entrepreneurs, we offer the freedom to choose projects and clients that best develop their own expertise, while also becoming part of a community of other top-notch data professionals

Since the beginning of our journey, we have been part of the innovative growth company community Bravedo. In 2023, we became a subsidiary of Finitec, Finland's leading technology freelance agency. Together, we form the leading freelance agency in the technology and data fields in Finland. The shared mission of AI Roots and Finitec is to provide a solution to the shortage of skilled professionals in the data and IT industries by offering competent and entrepreneurial workforce to companies, and enabling professionals to work on interesting projects that align with their expertise.

The team members of AI Roots share a wide and diverse experience in the field of data, along with a passion for driving the rapidly growing industry forward. Read below to learn more about our core team members and the projects we have worked on.

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