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challenges in freelancer career

As a data freelancer you are most likely enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship such as freedom of selecting your own projects or focusing on the things that really spark you. At the same time you might be also facing issues. You might not have enough time for selling, delivering and developing yourself.It can be laborious to find new opportunities for networking and getting help from others. You might have a fear of missing out on the best projects or not finding your way to the right customers.


How we can help you

When joining our network of data freelancers and professionals, we can offer you new assignments and connect you with the most interesting customers. We are committed to helping you grow your business and personal brand. Instead of working alone, you will find yourself working in a team of other data professionals and getting new opportunities for developing your skills and competencies. You will get support from the network when needed while helping others. We are not just a freelancer agency but a network specialized to the unique challenges related to data.

Why join us

Find the most interesting job while...
  • Keeping your independency as a freelancer​
  • Getting support from the network when needed​
  • Increasing ability to focus on client work instead of sales and paperwork​
  • Utilizing your full potential and building your personal brand as a specialized data professional​
  • Being able to collaborate, learn​ and give back
Project assignment
  • Get to know the leading companies in your market
  • Be in the front line to hear about new project opportunities
  • Get promoted to interesting projects and roles
  • Get predictability and effectiveness in to your sales pipeline
  • Collaborate with other data professionals in larger scale projects
Events, Trainings and Networking
  • Get to know other data professionals
  • Participate in trainings and knowledge sharing sessions
  • Share your own knowledge by organizing a training to the network
  • Join the Roots events at a discount
Personal growth and development
  • Get introduced at our website and social media
  • Get help in identifying your core competencies and strengths
  • Share your expertise through our blog and network services
Other services
  • Less time spent on negotiating contracts with the customer
  • Easy access to modern office facilities in


Reach out to us if you are interested in hearing more about our networking and talent acquisition services.