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A Network of Talented Data Professionals

We are a network of highly skilled professionals in the data industry, working as entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide experts for our clients' various needs and act as a natural extension to their in-house data team. We constantly supplement and assist in the development of our clients' data expertise in the ever-changing environment.

We also build channels and forms of cooperation for entrepreneurs in the field. We discuss current topics related to data utilization and help each other solve challenges. We organize various events and mentoring for our network so that our members can further develop their skills. Additionally, we can ensure that we provide our clients with the best expertise in the industry.

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Examples of entrepreneur in our network

Elias Vaakkuri

Entrepreneur, Brainflight

I’m a hands-on data developer with an eye always on the wider context. I design and build scalable data platforms in the cloud. I have been working with data solutions since 2014, as a team lead, architect and data engineer, at various clients and in different industries. Before that I looked at the same issues from a different angle as a digital strategy consultant. The combined experience gives me a sharp focus on both tech and business.

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Pete Tahvanainen

Entrepreneur, Syntencess Oy

I have a long history in helping customers in data utilization. Usually ‘shovel in hand’ analyzing, gathering and processing data. I’ve specialized getting data to produce business value. I have lead several lean and agile development teams. I’m passionate about figuring out what will produce most value and making it happen.

"I've been an entrepreneur for quite some while, since 2007. AI Roots is one of the best networks I've participated. There are many renown professionals in the network that I've worked during the years and new acquittances who have just started their entrepreneurial path. People in the network are highly professional and amiable. Working in projects with professionals in the network is thus very enjoyable. AI Roots network value is high, bringing new exiting and interesting data business opportunities which do realise to actual projects."

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Anton von Schantz

Data Scientist, Freelancer

I am keen on helping businesses make better decisions by combining their data and machine learning and modeling expertise. I am an analytics consultant with a decade of industry experience. I also have a scientific background in systems and operations research (I am defending my Ph.D. thesis in spring 2021).

"AI Roots is not only a matchmaking service for seasoned data entrepreneurs and client companies. Also, young entrepreneurial-minded AI and data science practitioners with enough industry experience can join the network. For me, when the timing was finally right to switch to entrepreneurship, I found AI Roots to be the perfect solution. They quickly got me my first client project, helped plan and execute the different project phases, and provided me with mentoring."

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Merja Kajava

Entrepreneur, Aavista

I have hands-on experience in designing and implementing production grade cloud data platform architectures for corporations and growth companies. I have experience from several industries in creating modern enterprise architecture vision. I have strong data modeling skills and developing and deploying machine learning models at scale. I have deep understanding in API strategies and ecosystems with hands-on experience in API architectures and API design.

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