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työn tulevaisuutta tekemässä

Suomi on poikkeuksellinen ja hieno maa monella tapaa. Myös teknologian kehittämisen alueella. Meillä on paljon teknistä huippuosaamista dataan, analytiikkaan ja koneoppimiseen....
Teemu Birkstedt

Syyt ja seuraukset esiin kausaalimallinnuksella

Tekoäly on edennyt viime vuosina valtavin harppauksin. Suurimmat edistysaskeleet on otettu koneoppimisen alueella, jossa suuria tietomassoja analysoivat syvät neuroverkot ovat oppineet...

How to measure the value of data?

When someone points that “data is a valuable business asset”, usually everyone gives a nod of approval. But not many have the tools to prove and show the actual value of data. What is the value of...
Minna Kärhä

Supporting data talent

Employment as we know it is in the middle of a great disruption. It is expected that by 2030, 50% of US employees will be self-employed, and the same direction is foreseeable in Europe.  Employees...
Ari Rantanen

Data Governance 3.0.

Data Governance has been a heating but troublesome topic for years when companies have tried to navigate in their digital and data-driven company journey. It has started to become evident that...
Mika Ahopelto

elements of a good data strategy

Guiding practical choices clearly and concretely, deeply rooted in business strategy No matter how you are used to organize the strategy process, one thing is certain. This time it will be...
Henri Engström