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Today, more and more companies know the value of data and want to harness the possibilities of data to speed up and develop their own business. Succeeding in this, however, requires solid knowledge and expertise in the data industry. AI Roots helps companies by connecting the best entrepreneurs operating in the field and companies that need their expertise. Our network includes a wide range of experts, such as data architects, analysts, data scientists, BI developers, and engineers. The entrepreneurs who belong to our network are experienced professionals who have the necessary skills to act as independent entrepreneurs in the rapidly developing data industry. Entrepreneurship is a growing trend in many industries and can also be seen in the fields of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. More and more top experts want to work on their own terms and work with various clients as independent entrepreneurs, who are also able to function seamlessly as part of the company's internal teams. 

Frequently asked questions:

Why would it make sense for a company to choose an entrepreneur from the AI Roots network?

Those who have progressed to become entrepreneurs are usually the most experienced in the field, and the expertise they have accumulated is at a level where it can be offered through their own companies. Entrepreneurs always represent themselves and usually have an internal motivation to provide high-quality service to their customers. We also claim it is possible to develop a personal relationship with the entrepreneur, in which things can be agreed upon flexibly and the entrepreneur often brings an outside perspective and his or her own personality to the organization.


How long does an entrepreneur's assignment usually last?

You can choose an entrepreneur for a single project, as part of a longer assignment, or even help build the entire DataOps team from the beginning. A typical assignment takes about 3 to 12 months.


Does AI Roots help companies in recruiting?

AI Roots is not a recruitment agency, but an agency for professionals working in small consulting firms or as independent freelancers. We have subcontracting agreements with these experts and handle all the needed contracts and invoicing with our customers. Typically companies resource these experts with specific allocation and invoicing is based on actual delivered working hours. In that sense, we operate in a similar way as any other consulting company.


What is a typical assignment like?
  • The entrepreneur is selected to fill a position for which it has been difficult to find an internal person through recruitment or the departure of an internal employee comes unexpectedly.
  • The entrepreneur is selected to bring expertise to the team that is difficult to find in the market and that may not be found in the internal team.
  • Having an entrepreneur as a part of the team even for six months increases the competence level of the internal team, as an example ML Ops coaching roles.
  • A typical assignment takes about 3–12 months. Often the entrepreneur is employed with 80–100 % allocation and sometimes also with 50–60 % allocation.

For what kind of needs can I get a professional from the AI Roots network?

Our entrepreneurs have versatile expertise in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence tasks. With the help of external expertise you can, for example, scale your team with the entrepreneur’s specific expertise, clarify your data strategy, renew your data architecture, develop your analytics tools and
artificial intelligence solutions, improve the quality of your data, and deepen your company's understanding of data and its possibilities. The turnover rate of our experts is very high, so when you find the right vacant worker, you should be quick.


Will acquiring an entrepreneur be expensive?

A full-time, experienced entrepreneur is a little more expensive in terms of costs compared to the salary costs of a similar expert working as an internal employee. However, it is possible to reduce costs, for example, by lowering the allocation to 60–80 percent. The service of an experienced entrepreneur is an investment in the company's data capability and pays for itself.


How do I know that the skills of the entrepreneur match the needs of my company?

The AI Roots network includes only solid professionals in the field, who are selected through a careful process, in which the entrepreneur's professionalism and suitability are assessed before the assignment starts. We make sure that our entrepreneurs are ready to commit to every customer project, can work flexibly if needed, and help raise your organization's data capabilities to a new level.


Who can I contact for more information?

We will be happy to answer any questions if you need more information about our network and data. We at AI Roots support companies in various industries and phases of the data journey. We can help to scale up a more mature data team or help in establishing one. If you would like to explore our talent base and different ways how we can support you, book a 30 - 60 minute introduction meeting with Iiris or Max or send a contact request using this form.

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