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Are you a freelancer already working in the data industry or just starting to consider entrepreneurship?​

Are you part of our network, and do you want to be among the first to receive news from new roles?​

Explore the operations of our entrepreneur network, open projects, and read more about entrepreneurship. Below you'll also find a contact form.

Are you looking for new projects?​

Contact us and tell us about your situation and needs for new clients and projects. Also, check out the open projects on our website.

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Are you considering entrepreneurship?

During the past years, various entrepreneurs have started their journey with us. We help you to find the first longer-term client assignment and support you in establishing a new company.

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Get to know our operations

Our main goal is to help entrepreneurs in the data industry find interesting projects and new clients. We also help entrepreneurs in the field network through our events, Slack channel, and by forming teams of multiple entrepreneurs for our clients.

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Do you need a network to support you?​

We organize networking events and conversation channels for entrepreneurs working in the data industry. Through us, you get to know other top professionals in the field. Contact us if we can be of help!

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