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Scaling up Sanoma's Data team

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company whose content reaches most Finns every day.
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During our collaboration, AI Roots has helped to scale up Sanoma’s well-established data team and provided Sanoma professionals, including a web analyst and Power BI developer. In line with Sanoma’s data team culture, the external experts have become equal members of the in-house team, providing Sanoma with the critical skills and expertise needed in different situations. AI Roots has been also supporting Sanoma in developing company-wide Data Governance practices.
"AI Roots has offered us easy access to the best data freelancers, with the right skill set and wide expertise from the media industry. The freelancers have integrated into our team seamlessly and have been valued co-workers for our internal team members. With AI Roots we have been able to lift up capabilities in conversion optimization, data visualization, and data governance, to name a few"

Mikko Eskola, CDO


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